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DJI Transponder / Radar System For Flight Management
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In one country I love flying in, enthusiast photo/video drones are being opposed because they conflict with two things:
1) Most of the outdoors people who cannot afford / are culturally not attuned to aerial photography from drones
2) Persons monetizing aerial photography / flightseeing who have conflicts of interest regarding the use of airspace

I've spoken to persons from both categories.
Some members of the second category are not averse to sharing airspace if some form of airspace sharing / warning system is in place to allow helicopter operations to proceed safely in remote areas without concern about a drone popping up from nowhere and causing an accident.

The same folks actually are also concerned about paragliders popping up from more and more extreme locations but know that it is easier to target a company than individual miscreants.

To this end DJI has a product in mind 'Aerosense' that can be used to detect DJI aircraft in flight in a local area.
I applaud this idea and ask that more in the community support it.

With opposers, I think the enthusiast community needs to be proactive about telling off irresponsible flyers, some of whom deliberately and obnoxiously use their aircraft to peep into private properly (I'm not talking about flying by but deliberately hovering over someone's property).

DJI's complete domination of all market verticals puts it in a good position to modulate behavior to ensure its continued business success and the enjoyment of hobbyists and professionsals worldwide. However, I am concerned that they have chosen to flood the low end market inadvertently lowering the entry bar to ignorant and/or irresponsible flyers. I hope DJI will manage their systems carefully and not kill off their golden goose for the sake of a few extra eggs.

Use props
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