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Mapping points to contests... how to know?
1185 1 2018-1-30
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United States

Hi all,

I am relatively new forum user but pushing really hard and contributing a lot to this awesome community in exchange for the DJI points.
Now, it happens that sometimes, contests are running in parallel, in example currently three contests are running and I was participating in:

#1 Mavic Air free Trial (1000 points)
#2 Following DJI FB page (1000 points)
#3 Introducing Mavic Air, lucky numbers thing (900 points)

Recently, I did receive 1000 points but how can I tell if it is for #1 or #2?

Personally, I find this contests a bit unclear and chaotic.
Sometimes there is no clear deadline where the contest is ending and by when points are delivered.
Sometimes contests are late with results (i.e. last it happened with "Best work of 2017" where I had to remind forum admins they are late with announcements).

Seems like a lot of work is done manually while I would expect some level of automation in 21st century.
Sending PMs to admins is of little use in my experience as I did not get answer even once.
And it's all forum related stuff, not DJI gear related stuff.

Any response to my question as well as your comments on subject will be highly appreciated.

Use props
DJI Elektra
DJI team
Hong Kong

Thanks for your feedback. This situation will be forwarded. Please note that the contest of mavic air continues and the point will be added later.  
Use props
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