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Mavic Air errors; brand new out of the box - is it a lemon?
975 3 2018-2-2
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Been trying for a week since I received it - on and off, whenever I get the chance - to get this thing in the air, with absolutely no luck.
The main operating screen, when the remote/phone (iPhone X with DJI Go 4 app) is connected to the aircraft, shows the Main Controller Data Error message at the top left of the screen. Tapping on that message leads to the Overall Status page which shows the following error messages:
  • IMU Calibration Required
  • Accelerometer Failed
  • Gimbal cannot receive Main Controller data

I have upgraded - successfully, as far as I can tell; there were no error messages during that process - to the most recent Firmware (released 27 Jan, 2018). Reset it to factory default too, then re-applied new firmware.

I have restarted/power-cycled the aircraft I-don't-know-how-many times. Tapping the Start button on the IMU Calibration page in DJI Go4 does nothing. Nothing at all.

I tried to initiate a gimbal calibration from DJI Go4 and all that happened was that the aircraft's cooling fans spun up to high speed and stayed there for more than 20 minutes until, with the progress bar in the app stuck at 10%, the battery died.

The motors don't respond. The gimbal doesn't respond. Pairing the remote went off without a hitch and the aircraft got through the initial activation process without error.

All that DJI Support has  suggested is to do all the things I've already done - firmware upgrades, attempt IMU calibration, attempt Gimbal calibration, restart or remove/replace battery - so that's been an exercise in futility...

Am I out of luck? DJI Support has not responded to my most recent email requesting information about how to pursue a refund or replacement.

Interested in others' thoughts or suggestions.

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Send it back for a replacement or refund. No point of mucking around. If it does not work, that is what you do right.
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Hey Jonw, I'm sorry for the troubles. Please kindly start a case and send it in. The local team will take care once the unit arrived.
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Hello, I have the same problem, I received my mavic air yesterday, I have updated the firware of the craf and the RC to the latest version but I get an error in the screen "main controller data error" .
firware craf -  01.00.0300
fireware RC- 01.00.0100
can anybody help me?
Thank you

I have done everything that indicates, reset aircraft and RC factory values and update to latest version, but the error does not disappear.
I tried to calibrate the IMU but when I give START it does not do anything.
The aicraft es new, only update the firmware RC and AC.
I have not managed to solve it in any way.
I have updated it like 10 times and nothing, the solution will be to send it to the technical service of Holland, since it is in warranty.
This one has not been flown nor a single one I have updated it and it has given me the errors it is frustrating that such an expensive device of these problems, without even having flown.
at the end I sent the drone to the DJI technical service in Holland for warranty repair and they tell me they fix it but I have to pay € 300, the motherboard damaged. in a drone that has never flown, I do not understand that DJI does not take charge of the repair.

They tell me that the drone is bought in China and does not cover the warranty. And the worst thing is that they tell me when I have already sent it to them.
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