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RAW panorama pictures with GoogleCamera and OSMO
331 0 2018-2-8
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My expectations from DJI OSMO Mobile app (DJI GO)were greater, but i reallised that I cannot fully use all of capabilities with my smartphone after I bought the set.
I read almost all the threads in this forum and it seems that DJI support team doesn't want to listen to their customers to upgrade app with new capabilities.

I was even thinking to use their DJI Mobile SDK to develop new app, but it would take a lot of time.

All I wan't to add to the DJI GO app, should be full image quality of camera when making panoramas and to input custom angles when making panoramas including time delay when making panoramas.

I have rooted Android smartphone LEECO LEX829 with 21 Mpix SONY camera capable of RAW photography and 4K video.

I'am currently playing with FRep, Tasker and OSMO360 to automate the process of making panorama with least 4x4 matrix including time delay.

FRep.... you can record touchscreen activity ...
Tasker... you can automate tasks... in this case when i connect to my osmo mobile, it would take panorama with build in photo app
OSMO360 ... I can input the osmo coordinates and it moves...

So I have all the needed apps, i just have to  combine all three... when i will have good results, will inform you about the project...

I hope in between the DJI support team will upgrade DJI GO with new functionalities, because they launched new DJI OSMO MOBILE 2...

Use props
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