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I was misinformed about the M1 Gimbal
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So, long story short, due to a badly informed phone rep, followed by an equally badly informed chat rep, I have just spent the last month going back and forth with DJI via email trying to return my M1 Gimbal.

Well that was until (finally) I was given accurate information in the email.  What I was originally told (by the phone rep with “DJI Support”) when I called because I was having trouble getting my new M1 Gimbal working which I had ordered from the DJI Store, was that I would have to first install the Osmo Mobile Firmware, but then I would have to reinstall the Osmo+ firmware when I wanted to switch back, and likewise reinstall the Osmo Mobile firmware if I wanted to use the M1 Gimbal again, and so on.  I was unwilling to continually change my firmware so I attempted to initiate a return.  You may remember the thread I started on that when it happened.

Fast forward a month.  Now I am finally told via email that the original rep was wrong, that I would need the Osmo Mobile firmware, but I would be able to freely swap the gimbal between the M1 Gimbal  and the Osmo+ gimbal, without having to do anything with firmware again.

So finally, after a month of frustration I finally put the M1 Gimbal back on and installed the Osmo Mobile firmware, the M1 Gimbal worked fine.  I played with it a bit, then turned it off and reinstalled my Osmo+ Gimbal, and, sure enough, it worked fine, no change to the firmware was necessary.  Just to be sure, I then switched back to the M1 Gimbal, and found that it was indeed still working, then I switched again, and my Osmo+ gimbal was also still working.  No more updates to firmware.

If I had simply been told this to begin with, it would have saved me considerable aggravation.  Why did it take a month for a rep to actually READ my Emails and tell me that I was misinformed instead of just sending an (automated?) form letter response?

Why was the phone rep so horribly misinformed about the product that he was supposed to be trained to provide technical support for?

Why was the chat rep that I talked with immediately after also misinformed?

One paragraph, at most, could have fixed this whole thing, but no, I had to wait a month.

For that matter, why does it take 3 days or more to return an email, only to reply with a form letter response?

Anyway, if anyone else is having the same problem, here is what DJI support should have, but didn’t, tell me:

The firmware is stored in the gimbal, not the handle, so changing the firmware will have no effect on other gimbals.
The Osmo Mobile firmware is actually pre-installed, so technically you don’t even need to update it at all unless you want to.
The problem I was actually having that day had nothing to do with the M1 Gimbal, it was my phone’s blue tooth, for whatever reason it just was not connecting at the time (it is now).
So the solution was just to restart my phone.  That’s it.

Why couldn’t they have told me that?

So anyway, the M1 Gimbal seems to work fine, so far anyway, and can be easily swapped back and forth.

My recommendation to DJI:

Retrain your technical support staff.
Actually READ your emails and see what the problem is and reply within a reasonable amount of time.
Update the included manual to have a couple lines which mention how the firmware works and what to do if the Bluetooth is not connecting.

If ANY of that had been done, this all would have been avoided.
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