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D-Log on Phantom 3 Standard?
501 0 2018-2-25
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hyungmin park

United States

Hello, fellow dji users!
I recently bought a used Phantom 3 Standard to learn about drone videography.
I know that not many people fly this particular drone anymore because there are newer and more professional ones nowadays, but I just would like to ask a few questions in this forum, hoping that there are still P3 Std users and drone experts who can enlighten me on drone videography with this particular drone.
Here are my questions,
1) How's shooting with D-Log on Phantom 3 Standard? Is it worth it(=the best color setting for the drone)? Is P3 Std's D-Log any different from newer or more professional drones' such as P3 Pro/Adv for example?
2) Any tips regarding color grading on drone shots? You know, like workflow. Or any general ones. I would glady take them.
Use props
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