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Self unlock restricted areas?!?
1165 1 2018-3-15
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I just found this link on another thread:

What exactly is this? Does this allow you to fly in restricted areas? If so: Why should I do this. 1. You can still fly in red zones (I once called a tower spontaneously and was allowed to fly in the red zone, no problem with the mavic pro...)
And if I do request it on this site, will the tower be instructed... Or in other words: Is this just a unlock for the dji-products or is this legaly allowing me to fly in those zones?

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Theoretically, when a user needs to fly in an authorized area, he needs to apply for the authorization, it will unlock your drone, and for the files needed to provide contains:
1. If applicable, please submit documentation indicating the nature of your company, agency or organization. For example, fire department letterhead or an image of your business card.
2. If applicable, please submit documentation indicating your authorization to fly in the designated location. For example, an aviation license, work order from a power plant facility, or an airspace authorization confirmation.
So you should also be legally fly in that area. Please strictly follow the local regulation, keep flying safely. Detailed info needed, you can contact
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