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Different led and startup beeps
326 0 2018-3-28
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United Kingdom

Just a quicky question, I've just purchased an old Phantom 2 (none vision), mainly to get the batteries that came with it. The controller is the early type that takes 4 normal double A batteries, only has one led on the front and has the small arm on the back to control the gimbal with, it doesn't beep at all when you turn it on and the led stays red, my other two beep 3 times (FCC mode) when turned on and have a green led on the front (only goes red when charging). Is this normal on the early ones, it controls the Phantom OK? Also the new Phantom itself has different beeps, when you first turn it on you get the usual start up tune but then it gives 3 loud beeps shortly after which my other 2 P2's don't do, it flies OK but wondered if the 3 extra beeps are normal on the early P2's?
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