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DJI NFZ Problems
882 1 2018-4-8
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United States

DJI needs to allow exemption from their NFZ Geo System. I have lost $500 this week from DJI not allowing me to fly in legal fly areas. I even went through their process to unlock the area (which tooks a minimum ten emails and 5 days), just for them to unlock the wrong area.

I have noticed DJI arbitrarily draws circles around "Restriced Areas," most of which really are not. And these circles go over legal flying areas and private property not incorporated in the actual Restriced Area.

DJI needs to allow Part 107 pilots to be exempted from these arbitrary NFZs. Those of us that are building businesses are the ones that follow the rules and regulations. It's the hobbiests that screw it up for the rest of us so I don't mind if you keep the NFZs for them, but please allow Part 107 pilots to be exempt.

I know other commericial pilots that have already started to investigate and invest in other companies equipment since they do not have these arbitrary restrictions. I really like DJIs equipment since up to this point it has not let me down, but if DJI does not solve this problem I am going to have to look elsewhere.

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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

We apologize for the trouble that has been caused to your work, as for our Fly Safe Team unlocked the wrong area, we will escalate to the appropriate team to investigate and keep improving our customer service.
If we lock the wrong areas which actually are not NFZ, please report to our Fly Safe team to get it corrected.
Currently, NFZ is available for all users no matter you are Part 107 pilot or hobbiest, your suggestion will be forwarded to the related team for consideration, hope you will have a better experience with us in the future.
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