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Is this another BUG or is it me.
812 0 2015-5-8
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Flight distance : 1890640 ft

I am using the latest iOS App and Firmware. Just after usingthe flight simulator before going out to do some test flying I powered down theInspire and started it again. I then started up the Inspire to unlock themotors as you have to do when you come out of the flight sim and restarted theInspire. The home point was set for the craft when the motors started as normalbut wanted to test setting the home point at the controller and you can see it’sa little bit of a distance away. The flight simulator has issues regards thesmall google map that has the same issues. I then powered everything down the I1,RC and the App then started up everything again RC, App & I1. This cleared thedistance error when trying to use the RC as the home point.
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Use props
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