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On the impossibility of using a drone in the UAE
1770 3 2018-4-12
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Pavel K
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Good day to all!

Do I understand correctly that it is not realistic for a tourist to use a DJI drone in the UAE? Even to just shoot your family.

After some study of this issue, I found out the following obstacles:

1.  says that: "Individual Registration: All UAS / drones, regardless of  their weight, which are used by individuals for recreational purposes,  be registered with the GCAA. "
However, the registration form ( ... neRegistration.aspx)  requires you to specify Mobile No. But since form require "Only UAE  mobile numbers are allowed for registration example +971500000000", you  can not even register a drone if you do not live in the UAE and don't  have UAE Mobile No.

2. Requirements on says that for an Individual / Private User (Recreational):
* No video or image capturing devices shall be used when flying the UAS / drone;
WTF !!! ???)) But all DJI drones have cameras! Because of that you can not use any drone DJI in the UAE!

3. According to the law of the UAE:
A term of imprisonment not exceeding three years and a fine not  exceeding one thousand thousand Dirhams, or any penalty, shall be  imposed on the following persons:
  * Anyone who has been piloted an aircraft or caused it to be flown without bearing the nationality and registration marks.

Can someone have more positive information or a positive experience of using DJI drones in the UAE?
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United Arab Emirates

This does not make any sense. It would destroy the entire drone market for Dubai or the UAE for that matter. You can use your mobile phone camera as well as any camera so why should one not be allowed to use a camera mounted to a recreational drone used on approved fly-zones?
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Second Officer
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United Arab Emirates

You can register as a tourist in Dubai and use your camera.  The registration as a tourist will allow you to use it in Dubai.  The UAE registration via GCAA (Federal Civil Aviation authority) requires you to register free of charge.  The camera part is unclear and a lot of people use it with the camera outside Dubai's borders.   They also have an IOS (not sure if Android as well) that shows if you are allowed to fly in the current location.

I live and use my drones in Dubai regularly.  As long as you stay away from people and the no-fly zones, I have had no issues.
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I will reopen this topic, as I am planing to go to Dubai and make some pictures/videos in the desert. Apparently there is no way to do that legally.
Below the answer from GCAA:

Thank you for contacting the GCAA.

Please be advised that the registration of unmanned aircraft and consequently operation of unmanned aircraft in the UAE may be allowed to UAE nationals and national foreigners that hold UAE residence visa. Foreign Nationals that have no UAE residence visa are not allowed to import any type of unmanned aircraft and operate them in the UAE unless an especial approval is obtained (organization approval).

Furthermore, be advised that the UAS is not a customs clearance certificate. You will need to contact customs of your port of entrance to learn about the requirements to be met to bring UAS with camera. The drone might be retained by customs; however, this must be confirmed by them."

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