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RONIN MX huge disappointment PLEASE HELP
902 3 2018-4-19
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Hey everyone,

so im at a loss for words and Dont know what to do.

Background info
- I bought the ronin MX and was excited
- took over a month to get to me (less excited)
-got it and found out it doesn't support the 1DXII without stud Extensions
-got those and STILL DOESNT WORK
-ive balanced it perfectly
-all the firmware is up to date
- have tried every setting in the book
-finally got it to calm down, took out to a video shoot and BAM BACK TO SHAKING
- Ive tried everything everyone has said.

-THEY WONT LET ME RETURN IT, even tho its brand new.

so my question is. Is this going to be a $1500 paper weight because it wont work with my camera? And its past the 14 day deadline to return.
I feel like thats horrible customer service.

im trying to not be upset with the amount of money ive spent on this thing to not work.
But i KNOW something is wrong with it from the factory. SOME HELP ME!

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-Also one of the two batteries that came with it wont charge. *side note* Ive tried my canon 80D and same problem with the violent shaking
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Sorry to read on your difficulties with our product, have you tried to decrease the Strenthness in Gimbal Motor Settings? Please try to set Outfilter and Control value to 0 to see if the issue persists.
If the unit has passed the refund and replacement deadline, we will provide warranty service if it is assessed as a warranty issue.
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Are you using the lens bridge that comes with the Ronin?  Also, are you securing the top of the camera?  There is an interesting paragraph in the instructions talking about loose lenses.  If a lens is not strongly locked onto the body, (Which is the case in all Canon lenses except on the highest end bodies),   the body and the lens vibrate at different frequencies which can cause the IMU to read both vibrations, get confused, and shake the camera strongly.
Just a thought.

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