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They are coming around
364 1 2018-4-23
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Scott Ferguson
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United States

Hello everyone it’s been to long since I’ve been able to check the forum and fly either my mavic pro or PS3. I have been working long hours out of town so I have had very little time at home let alone time to fly, anyway while watching the local news here in WV I have noticed that the local news stations are now using DJI drones to get footage of assorted stories and really pressing about how great their new tools are! I just find it ironic that the media here in rural WV was once doing stories about drones being a tool to invade people’s privacy but have now realize the benefits of drone use. Granted you will always have a dummy that won’t use common sense and can cause a bunch of bad publicity for our hobby but I’m hoping that now maybe the media will see that it’s just that bad Apple and not the majority of drone users. And with more use by the media they can see that it’s nearly impossible to spy on people with them due to having to be so close to get detailed images anybody could be able to hear the drone. I don’t know I guess I’m just hoping to hear something more positive from the media about our hobby.
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South Africa

Well The more good publicity we get for drones the better for us, maybe less restrictive laws.
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