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325 3 2018-4-25
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I happened to check the Downloads section of the Matrice 200 page (because DJI can't put an auto-update feature in their software) and saw that a new version of the Matrice 210/Matrice 210 RTK User Manual had been released (Version 1.2). I have a couple issues with this:

  • Why was an automated notification not sent out stating that a new version was released? In order to fly it, you have to have an email address registered with the craft, so why do those addresses not get sent a message saying there is a new version of the manual? (Or a notification that there is a new firmware version released? Having to constantly check myself makes DJI look bad.)
  • Where is the section for revision notes or a change log in the manual? I would like to know what has been removed/revised/added from the previous version, and having to manually compare it to the last version is unacceptable.

I'm not making any accusations, but if I didn't know better, it would seem to me that DJI hopes that you don't see the latest manuals or the latest firmware released. Then, if/when you do experience a crash, they have a few more reasons to deny warranty claims and hold your craft hostage at the service center until you agree to pay for more repairs than you need.
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Second Officer

the email for the registration account is simply there to receive 3rd party spam... hahaha i, too, am not making accusations.
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  • >>>

Use to compare .PDF documents. It's a very handy website.
Here the the comparison of the M200 manual
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DJI Susan


Hi Smith, the latest manual will be released on our website regularly. I'm sorry there is no notification for now, please keep an eye on our official website if applicable.

As for the new firmware, the reminder will pop up if it is connected to the internet. Please update timely if you receive the reminder. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience.
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