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DJI Flamewheel Failsafe Suggested Settings
745 0 2018-5-15
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Hi Folks! (If this is the wrong thread or forum to ask the following question I do apologize!)

I am tweaking some of the finer settings on my DJI Flamewheel f450 build and have a question about Failsafe settings.

(Currently using the Naza-M V2 with GPS. My controller is a rebranded FlySky FS-i6).

What do some of you suggest for failsafe settings on your controller?

Right now I have it set to just turn everything off (which is bad since flipping failsafe will drop the drone like a rock out of the sky). I know I can change my settings so that the drone doesn't move around, but what about throttle? Do I set it to go down to 50%? More? I assume that if I set it at a specific percentage it will allow the drone to maintain altitude so it can do the RTH feature, but I don't know exactly what I should do to make sure it happens.

Am I doing this completely wrong, or is there a specific setting I need to tweak in Naza software to ensure the drone doesn't fall from the sky when I hit failsafe?

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