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Ronin M arrived-feedback+question (Canon 1Dc)
1677 0 2015-5-12
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Flight distance : 904478 ft


First off: I've waited for quite some time for a gimbal like the Ronin M to be released. Previous attempts by other manufactureres are simply way too expensive for what they are and while the original Ronin was very tempting, the weight was a bit off putting for me. Congratulations for making a great product at the right price!

My two gripes so far:

1) The downward pointing legs (between tilt motor and crossbar/plate) are too short. I know this actually means that the whole gimbal is a bit too small and perhaps I think it is. The reason I say this is that a few mm more in a couple of places would all of a sudden allow for many more cameras to be a good fit. Now it's a bit of a struggle. I do understand that you have to draw the line somewhere, but it makes sense to see what cameras are out there and design accordingly. A good target is to make 1Dc, BMPC and barebones Scarlet/Epic a good fit. They all work within the weight max.

Anyway, with my 1Dc hanging on by the skin of its teeth at the very end of the rods (with bottom screws removed to make room) I get perfect balance with a Canon 16-35 f4 IS. Great—goal achieved!!

2) You really should have included a monitor clamp. Can't you just make one in the right size and include it with future Ronin Ms and send it out to current owners? Second best solutiion: make one available in the store...

REAL QUESTION: With my Ronin M balanced and auto tuned (power between 0 adn 2 on the axis) the "test tilt/pan speed" shows nice distict movement—as expected. But with smoothtrack the tilt is very slow and hesitant. It doesn't matter if I increase speed. I manually set the stiffness a bit higher, but that also didn't change much. Shouldn't I get the same speed with smoothtrack as when I "test tilt speed"? Isn't that the point?

I have 0 deadband. I've tried with deadband of 1 too.

Since the "test speed" movement is good, there is obviously no weight/balance problem. What can be wrong?


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