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DJI Spark Care sign up problem
821 1 2018-5-17
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Mike Ski

Hi guys,

I recieved the Spark as an anniversary gift two days ago. I tried to sign up to the DJI Care service, but was at first getting network/connection errors (it took me about an hour to actually activate the Spark because of the same errors) and then when I finally got through was getting SN "gimbal" errors in red when trying to sign up.

It's now been 60 hours.

My problem is that I dont want to fly the drone without the care package, this being my first drone, but I don't think I can film that video required for a post-48 hour sign up. To be honest, never having flown a drone, it feels very daunting to do some of those tests smoothly on a video. Plus I don't have anyone that can help me film during the day. Even if I get someone ahead of time, Melbourne weather being as unpredictable as it is this time of year will probably mean it's raining when we try. The whole thing feels really difficult right now.

I havent flown the drone at all, my question is can anyone check that I havent flown it remotely and still allow me to sign up so I can begin to learn flying short distances on my own with peace of mind?
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

MIke, according to DJI Care Policy, the video is essential to verify the drone is still in perfect condition if it has been activated over 48 hours, please send email to to see if the team could help you without the video, thank you.
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