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United Kingdom

I hope that this dose not look like I'm a right fool.
I live in North East England and a few years ago I bought a nearly new DJI PHANTOM FC 40
I expect that most of you folks started off on the early ones well mine flies good it's had a crash or two because I did not understand how it flew.
I'm better now with it

My problem is, there's a small camera with the FC40 that dose me fine I'm retired but not one of the wealthy retiered ones.
I like to fly my FC 40,for some time now I have not been able to find an APP for my SAMSUNG Mobile phone, that I can use to connect to that nice camera
is it only Apple i phones that now have a working App for the FC40?

the reason I ask is because you can still buy that nice small camera here on Ebay for about 60 pounds

if you buy it then how do I find the correct App to connect to it on a new SAMSUNG Mobile?
it used to work fine on my old SAMSUNG but I don't have it anymore

I have tried the DJI  Apps for the PHANTOMS before all these new ones came out and it loads on my Tablet
but it can't find that camera

Could it be that the new phones WYFY is no longer compattable with my camera

Hopeing some kind person out there can HELP Me


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Mark The Droner
Flight distance : 2917 ft
United States

I am an admirer of the FC40 as it is considered one of the early Phantoms, it has a 5.8 ghz control and it has the 2.4 ghz wifi which is similar to the P2V series.  But I've never owned one.  And of course, it doesn't have the range extender relay device as the P2V series has, so your range is greatly limited - which would be the range of your mobile device.  

It appears to me the app is still available for download in the upper right corner of this page:

Whether it works on your mobile device, I cannot say.  

If it doesn't work (and you might need to manually connect the camera's wifi to your device to know for sure), then you might have to buy some other more modern camera such as a Go Pro which would have its own app to match its own transceiver operating on 2.4 ghz.  

Good luck
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