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DJI GSP - Waypoints limit, CS, & Logs?
605 0 2018-5-31
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Paul Nordin
Flight distance : 1267953 ft
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Hello DJI.  First let me congratulate you on making DJI Ground Station Pro a very good solution for a many types of mapping missions.  Weekly, I fly dozens of corridor mapping missions for a large Telco.  I import the KMZs that they send me and convert the areas of interest into GSP mapping missions.  Works really really well, and saves a tremendous amount of time considering the alternative of manually translating maps into GSP.  

There are three product improvements I would like to request:

1.  Remove 100 waypoint limitation.  This is a MUST HAVE CHANGE!  Not being able to fly even medium sized missions with hover and capture is a serious limitation.  I am forced to use competitor products that have no waypoint limitation like Map Pilot, and Pix4D Capture for 70% of my missions because 100 waypoints is not enough.  Flying constant motion missions with interval capture has too much motion blur for good maps.  Please greatly increase the maximum number of waypoints in DJI GSP!  500 would be a start, and with1000 I could use DJI GSP for almost all of my missions (except those that require terrain following).

2. Add DJI GSP version for CrystalSky.  I purchased the 7.85" Ultra CrystalSky monitor 6 months ago.  I have been lucky that my Ultra CS has not burned out like so many purchased around that time.  I love the clarity and brightness of this montor.  But, I fly a lot of mapping missions and cannot use this great monitor because you do not support using DJI GSP on CS!  All of your main competitors have versions of thier mapping capture softare that work on both iOS and Android.  Please add DJI CrystalSky platform support for your DJI Ground Station Pro software.  

3. DJI GSP Flight Logging.  For many professional reasons, I need to log every flight I fly.  At the end of a mapping day I have to manually enter logging information into a third party tool (Kittyhawk) since DJI GSP cannot enter flight logging data into the DJI flight records system.  I won't presume to say that this should be simple to do, but it is important to do for every pro pilot that uses GSP.  Please integrate GSP Missions with DJI Flight Logs currently updated by DJI 4 Go.  If that is impossible, please keep better flight statistics for GSP missions.  At a minimum for any mission I have flown with GSP, I would like to easily retrieve: Flight start date/time, Location (home point), Flight Duration, Craft Flown. Craft Name, Batteries Used.
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