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Video quality / sharpness
323 0 2018-6-9
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I made some tests to increase the video-quality of my footage for a 1080p-25fps-project, tried different resolutions and framerates, drone: P4P Plus, latest firmware

Allways with the settings: Cinelike D, PAL, H264 MP4, Custom Color Profile with Sharpness -2, Contrast -3, Saturation -2, ISO 100, shutter speed 1/100, ND16-filter, aperture at f4.0 (when in 25fps) or 2.8 (when in 50fps), EV mostly at -0.3, manual focus alway on the same spot

I compared 1080p 25fps / 1080p 50fps / 2,7K 25fps / 2,7K 50fps / 4K 25fps / 4K 50fps, always the same motive, non moving, a house with trees in front, light wind in the trees

The files were loaded into Adobe Premiere Pro CC in a DSLR-25fps-sequence (1920x1080, 25fps, ratio 1.0), always scaled to full frame, and compared within sharpness and detail, first in the project monitor, second after rendering to H264-file (highest possible bitrate). I was astonished that I could not see any remarkable differenz in sharpness and details between 4K and 2,7K (all files slightly unsharp but enough information for post-sharpening), but the 1080p-footage was extremly sharpend with a bad and digital look. To get the 4K/2.7K-files equal to the 1080p-ones, a had to sharpen them in Premiere (btw with a much better looking result compared to 'out of the drone'-1080p).

Now my questions:

a) Is it normal that the P4P sharpens the footage while downscaling to 1080p automatically?

b) Why I could not make any viewable differences between 4K and 2,7K? I expected a lot more quality in the 4K-stuff compared to the 2,7K-files...

c) In theory for example a 2,7K-25fps-80mbps-clip should have more video-information in each frame than a 2,7K-25fps-100mbps-clip, but there is (for my eyes) absolute no noticable differenz when rendering both to 25fps. Why?

Thanks for your incoming answers,

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