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Exciting MPP Compass Redundancy Switch(s)
534 0 2018-6-20
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Jeff Millard
First Officer
Flight distance : 503635 ft
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United States

Did my preflight. Waited patiently for the GPS signal and "Home point has been updated..." message. (I'll tell you where I was in a minute...) Launch while looking at the Mavic, and I notice the status light change from slow blinking green, to yellow/red/yellow/red and quickly back to happy slow green. Hover... all is well right? Rise up about 20' and fly 50' out over a train of empty rail cars. Soon after while looking at the Go 4 App, I see the following message "Compass Redundancy Switch" glance up at the Mavic and I see the red/yellow again. I immediately flew back and landed. Heart rate slows down a little, so I shut everything off and walk back to my vehicle all the while thinking how foolish that was.

I was standing inside a 230KV substation about 75' from a 230/13KV transformer, along a fence with the railroad tracks on the other side. Directly over the rails is the 230KV line that feeds the station. I was flying inside the middle of a massive electromagnet, like the complete imbecile I am. When I looked back at the warning log, I see that it swapped the compass then 40 seconds later it swapped back. I'm sure the people coding the GeoZone map have enough on their plate to not have to have make reminders that flash across the screen to the tune of "DUDE! YOU'RE LAUNCHING INSDIE A SWITCHING STATION! DO YOU SERIOUSLY THINK THE COMPASS IS GOING TO BE OF ANY USE TO YOUR $1200 DRONE!"

It's a day later, and I keep looking at the Mavic... and I keep thanking it for not taking the freshly charged battery and flying away towards... (it was free to pick one of the 360 degrees available to it)

Use props
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