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Roll control acting strange-design or setup or don’t understand
249 0 2018-7-8
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United States

Following the instructions carefully, I set up my Ronin S. The tilt and pan function perfectly but I am not sure about the roll. (A newbie to large gimbal heads.) I see on various reviews of the Ronin S that in an upright position, the reveiwer is moving the grip side-to-side in an upright position and the Ronin S continues to maintain a level camera. In one video, the reviewer moved it to almost a 90 degree angle. However, when I do this the camera begins to rotate violently after I reach a certain point on either side of the center line. The movement I see apppears to be consistent with the +/-30 degrees of controlled movement listed in the specs. (I realize that you can do 360 degree rotation in flashlight mode; I am, however, looking at the upright and slung modes here.)
Is what I am seeing normal or did I set something up wrong?

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