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DJI Spark Meets the Mud Volcanoes
659 1 2018-7-10
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Flight distance : 648399 ft

From my recent trip to the Mud Volcanoes. Located in Romania.


This was initially posted into the Spark section of the forum. I was late for the Now, It's Epic contest and the video doesn't contain the specific words. But i received some great feedback and i am posting this here for everyones' benefit.

I intended to post this one for the "Now, It's Epic" contest, but I missed the date by one day   I edited the original thread, by adding the below as I consider these  as lessons learned and you may have something to learn from them as  well:

- prepare your equipment before going to fly (charge everything, organize, pack)
- when you take the Portable Charging Station with you make sure it is  charged and you take the cord as well. I forgot mine and stopping for  lunch i realized i could charge the portable station but i did not have  the cord
- when shooting during mid day, would be better to have a sun shade for  your phone/tablet or increase the luminosity of the screen. otherwise  you do not see exactly what you are recording
- related to the previous point, allow the drone and battery to cool  down between flights. flying at 30 degrees Celsius will make everything  overheating. Spark  was ok, battieries as well, but when putting them into the Portable  Charging Station it took almost 20 minutes to start charging.
- when visiting a place for the first time, first, take some time to  enjoy the views. then plan for your shoot. i was so impressed by the  landscape that i forgot the below
- always take wide shots, medium shots and closeups. that means fly high  (45m and above), pan, tilt, then lower the altitude, pan, tilt, then go  even down (2m and lower), pan, tilt. i found myself with 20 minutes of  video and not many nice shots as i was focusing on the closeups.
- don't forget about the built in shots like helix, circle, dronie or rocket. those may save your final edit
- if you missed the above, then challenge yourself to come up with a  video made out of not so nice footage music may save you i still  think i've done a pretty good job although i missed much of the above.
- when at the location, ask if flying a drone is permitted and emphasize that, if the case, it's a personal video. there may be taxes applied if you are doing a commercial shooting or documentary film. it's better to explain why you want to film

I hope these tips will help you! and I promised myself to go back to that location for a second try
Use props

great job love it
Use props
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