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X5S prores didn't record anything on ssd
524 2 2018-7-10
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Stratosphere 4
Flight distance : 2820413 ft

I have formated SSD.  Used it one time just fine.  This time i filmed in DLog but didn't format for only 55gigs were used of my 480 card.  No warnings during recording sessions.  Tablet has cached videos.  SSD only has the original files i shot from a week ago.  DJI support says that i should try filming with a SD card inserted while filming prores to ssd.

What does the sd card have anything to do with filming to ssd.  Also....if this was the issue how come the app doesn't either block the prores feature or give you a warning stating " yoiu must insert an sd card for no reason at all"

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Hello there. We apologize for the inconvenience. May I know what specific model of the drone you're using this with?
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Were you shooting high frame-rate? I  borrowed an i2/X7 and was shooting a job. Footage was recording fine to the SSD at 25fps, but I realised after the first few shots at 50fps (client's request, I never normally shoot it) that it was recording only to the SD card (ProRes RAW). There was no warning, I just happened to notice the message in the SSD file-type area onscreen saying "not recording".
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