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AIRMAP: Are they on our side?
241 1 2018-7-11
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Grumpy D
First Officer
Flight distance : 18245 ft
United States

Please, EVERYBODY give a lot of thought before you use/support AIRMAP. This company has spent many thousands of dollars lobbying US Senators to impose new regulations including insane no fly zones.
Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is the driving force, wanting to all but outlaw “DRONES”. She’s pushing for things like, must fly above 200ft., no flying over private property with out permission, and no flying over government land.
AIRMAP is all for it, with so few places legal to fly, you will need apps like there’s to sort through it.
And by the way... the trigger for all is a direct result of irresponsible drone pilots, not following simple guidelines. Funniest part is when Senator Feinstein talks about us “reckless and inconsiderate individuals ” she gives examples mostly from Europe not USA? PLEASE don’t contribute to this insanity. Do your own research it’s not hard to find.
In the meantime please be responsible.
Use props
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The old gal gets grumpy when her depends start riding up on her.
Use props
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