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ultrasonic error warning continues
142 1 2018-7-15
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Flight distance : 123898 ft
United States

Hello Everyone. I posted before about my new p4p v2 giving me the Ultrasonic sensor warning and telling me to land immediately. The craft seems to be flying fine and behaving with no issues but the warning pops up and fairly reguarly. I thought it was with just one of my two batteries but it is both batteries.

My aircraft arrived with might be the wrong blades.... they are jusr rounded aat the end. I believe the p4p v2 has a point sticking off the end. Could this cause the error?

I had to update the firmware before my first flight.

Here is my previous post.  

"I am a newbie with about 2 hrs 35 minutes flight time on my p4pv2 and just got the "ultrasonic sensor warning" land immediately.

Possible causes and solutions?

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts."

Any thoughts and ideas are appreciated as I look to solve this issue.

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DJI Susan


Hi there, sorry for the late response. Just to verify, are you using the P4P V2.0 or the P4P? May I have the aircraft SN for the check? Sorry for my question as I noticed that the icon under your Avatar is P4P, instead of P4P V2.0. Thanks in advance!
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