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Help with custom build Hexacopter and Naza M Lite software
322 0 2018-7-18
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Hello, first time posting to the forum so please advise if I put this in wrong place or have missed something.
Recently my dad and I began to build a hexacopter and I think that we have finished the physical  side of the build. We have checked that everything is put together correctly and made sure all of the wiring  is set up right. We used this kit to build the drone. We used the Naza M Lite as the flight controller and radio controller and receiver are Flysky FS-i6.
This is our first time building a drone and we are getting hung up on the Naza assistant software, we have connected the Naza to the pc and went through steps 3 of basic configuration in the manual(RC) [url][/url] .  When we move the sticks on the controller, it shows movement in the Naza Assistant  Software.  That’s as far as we can get.  We can’t get the drone to actually do anything.
Our questions are:
1: How many of the other steps should we complete with our current setup and how would we need  to customize those with our flight controller(anyone with experience using the FS-i6 with the naza m lite help would be greatly appreciated).  We are both very, very new to  this!
2:  How do we know that the settings were saved and uploaded to the drone?
3:  How do we get ready to do a test flight?   We have tried to start the motors, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

I think that alot of our problems stem from the complexity of the user manual for naza if anyone knows of any step-by-step  tutorials, videos or  guides that are for beginners that would also be a great help.

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