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New problem with my Spark and strange behavior after update
796 1 2018-7-21
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So i just did the new RC and AC firmware updates and when i go to take off i immediately notice a problem. For some reason the Spark now has problems with ascending and descending. When i try to ascend, it immediately hesitates before it actually begins to ascend. Then when i let go of the stick it goes back down some. Its as if it doesnt want to change its current altitude level. It does the same when descending, although i dont think its as bad. So when i first push the stick up it has a very noticable hesitation and jerk, like the motors start to power up then cut off for a second and then continue to ascend like normally. And this happens everytime i push the stick up. Its also more noticable i think when its closer to the ground. so i was thinking that it could possibly have something to do with the VPS and like it doesnt want to let it change altitude for some reason. It flew perfectly normal except for the ascending and descending, for example it had no problem flying around. And its pretty likely that this has something to do with the update because its never happened before, but possibly not. Also another note, i updated the RC and went to fly it and noticed the spark needed an update as well, but i ignored it at first because i was being impatient. But after noticing the erratic behavior i landed it and proceeded with the AC update and went to fly again and nothing changed. So im not really sure what the cause of this is. Any help or related experiences would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Please reconnect the drone to the remote by pressing the power button on the aircraft for 3 seconds and press on the remote flight pause and the two multi function buttons. After that calibrate the imu. If the problem isnt fixed do a factory reser and reinstal the firmware using dji assistant 2
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