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Upgrading to Lightbridge 2?
901 1 2018-7-25
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I'm about to convert my DJI S800 EVO with Z15-GH4 using analog link for video transfer (AVL58). I also have an IOSD mk2 and the 2,4GHz Datalink together with Groundstation. Using a Futaba T14SG as remote controller in a single operator setup.
I'm about to convert / upgrade the system to DJI Lightbridge 2 and have a couple of questions that hopefully someone who's done the conversion or DJI can answer on.
I've looked at the video from DJI which is spot on the topic: (Installing DJI Lightbridge 2 and Zenmuse Z15-GH4 (HD)
After 38 seconds in the video there is a statement that you need an CAN HUB for this setup.
While doing this conversion I was thinking of removing the IOSD mk2 since it's not needed for telemetry data (LB2 should deliver it instead). But can I use the IOSD mk2 as a CAN HUB or is its CAN HUB-ports not working the same way as a CAN HUB? If not, is there any other way to to it without a CAN HUB. Since I'm kind of late to the party there isn't that many places that can deliver a CAN HUB on short notice
Also, has anyone done this conversion and what are your thoughts? What I've read I'm not going to be able to use the Groundstation app anymore since the LB2 will only work with the DJI GO app. Which is fine since this is one of the things I like - having it all integrated in one screen instead of having on screen for video feed and another for the Groundstation app.
Thank you!
// Fredrik
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Slav Webster
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Yes, if you have A3, then you can easily switch to lightbridge-2 without problems.

When I bought a lightbridge-2, the kit already had a CAN hub and cables for Z15.
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