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Mavic Pro/Platinum - gimbal/compass interferance
312 1 2018-7-28
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United Kingdom

Over the last 4 flights my Mavic Pro Platinum, (whenever I tilt the camera/gimbal down beyond approx. 45 deg of declination), I'm getting a (front) compass warning/error saying I need to move the drone for the compass to read correctly - or words to that effect - (Its a whole scrolling sentance on the top left Go4 warning area). Anyway I duly move the drone but changing the direction of flight or I change the forward momentum a tad, and the warning goes away. As soon as I rotate the camera either further down or back up beyond that 45 deg angle the warning pops up again. It seems there's a bit of localised interferance, presumamably from the gimbal declination motor or the back of the camera (focusing motor) that affects the front compass and is being read as 'interferance' so the compass is sending back bad data to the control software - which is then interpeted as a misread on the compass. No popup warning messages about interferance and no actual flight anomolies happen - so its a non critial error as far as I can assertain. Just wondering if anyone else has had this show up after the latest firmware update (.400)?
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DJI Tony
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Hi, sorry about this, I would like to clarify that this message will only occur when you tilt the camera all the way down right? would it be possible if you can provide us the screenshot of this error message?
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