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Dji are we going to get a fix for p4p v2.0 and drifting
779 2 2018-7-29
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Jimmy hoffa
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While in flight the v2 will not fly straight at all my v1 was way better. A few other guys on another forum have the same problem with v2. It basically looks like the aircraft is slowly slowly turning left. ....but while in flight when trying to fly a straight line the camera will always go to the left slowly (well this is what it looks like.) Camera actually stays straight after observing it.....basically it looks like u are flying at a 45 degree angle. I have done imu cals and compass for the hell of it. A knowledgeable forum member said after looking at flight logs imu and compasses are not agreeing with eachother....dont think its compass because arrow on map is orientated correctly and rth works fine. I also did a stick did fw upgrade ....some things to note i have had 2 p4pv2 and both do this...every person i know with v2 has this problem. Also this problem existed with fw that the v2 launched with....i am all up to date and tried different devices....its definitely not a go 4 or device issue. Something changed with v2's and im beginning to think it was more then just ocusync and esc hardware, which shouldnt affect how it fly's. So dji please look into this its a real problem. All u have to do is fly a v2 straight for a 1000 feet. And you will observe how the aircraft acts.
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First thing to check, is the camera pointing straight forward when standing over the aircraft looking straight down?
From your description, it sounds like it might would be looking slightly to the right from center.

If the logs show a misalignment between compass and IMU it sound like something has messed with the compass where the aircraft was powered on.
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my p4p has a slow yaw drift when hovering.  very frustrating when trying to take clear stills for my real estate photography biz.  read many forums, watch many videos, did all the recommendations to fix and still nothing fixes this.  any idea if DJI is going to do something for this systemic issue?
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