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Flying in Croatia - Applying to take photos/videos - SGA
866 2 2018-8-18
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Flight distance : 356053 ft

Hi all,

I am attempting to the right thing in Croatia by applying for CCAA and SGU approval to fly and video in Croatia. The first part is easy, but to apply for approval to capture video is somewhat more difficult. One this the SGA (State Geodetic Admimistration) advises is that "purpose cannot be indicate like “private usage” because according to current legalization that not allowed and your request will be rejected."

If not private use, what purpose do I state? I was thinking "study" or "research", however, that might get their military adminstrations somewhat paranoid. It seems to me that whether I state, "Study", "Art" or "Observation", they might all be interepreted as some form of personal use.

The Regulation (attached) and the Request (attached) state purpose examples "(land surveying, research, spatial development, and other business and scientific purposes)"

Have you successfully applied and been granted approval? If so, tips would be appreciated

Thank you

SGA Regulation on aerial imaging NN 70_2016 .pdf

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SGA Regulation

SGA Request for Issuance of an Aerial Imaging and Aerial Imagery Use Clearan..pdf

861.09 KB, Down times: 1

SGA Request for Issuance

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Andre van der Weide
Second Officer

I was this year in croatie and had aproval to fly there  only not in natural parks because there you must ask there.
i had a form to send to the croatian civil aviation acency
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Flight distance : 356053 ft

Thanks Andre, having recently returned and having gone through the process, I can explain further (for the benefit of others). To fly and record footage you need to:

1. Not be using flying for personal use
2. Obtain permission from CCAA (Croatian Civil Aviation) - around a week
3. Obtain permission from the State Geodetic Association - around a month
4. Submit all footage to the Military for approval - months!

More information here at
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