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I2 Bricked by usless DJI Fimware... Again!
408 4 2018-8-20
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United States

Just got the i2 back from DJI after the landing gear servo motor failed after 2 hours. They took car eof thay past warranty as it was only 2 hour sof flight time.

I downloaded the latest iPad OS, downloaded the latest DJI firmware via the Go app, connected up tot eh aircraft, set the selector switch to computer, updated everything.

Now nothing works. Sometimes I get a red "Aircraft Not Connected" other times it is grayed out. Sometimes it claims I should check to see if the gimbal is connected as if it were not, it is.

DJI tech support wants me to download the lastest DJI Assistant 2 v1.2.4 for my Mac. DJI does not put it on the Apple app store apparently because Apple must not think they are to be trusted.  So I have to go into the control panel and open the application installer anyway by force overiding security.

So I go to DJI>Support>Professional>Inspire 2>DHI Assistant> Mac and download the DJI Assistant 2 v1.2.4 for the Mac. It downloads an icon that is a yellow box within a brown carboard boxz as a pkg. file. I go through the unpleasant install procedure, first the licensing agreement, etc. Then halfway through the download a new window opens wanting to instal HoRNDIS a s akernel extension fo r Android, which I do not have. Whiel eading that gobblygook, the DJI Assistant claims the installationw as sucessful. I click on continue to the HoRNDIS installer, that finishes and displays as complete.

When the app is installed, the name gets changed from DJI Assistant to just Assistan, making it hard to find and decidedly non-intitive. Now DJI tech support wants me to conenct the i2 directly to my Mac desktop computer. Who in the world keep aroudn a USB female to USB female around?!

So I call back DJI tech support PST at 5:10 pm. the recording claims I have reached DJI tech support outside of their normal horus, and that their normal hours are 8 am to 6pm PST. News ulert, 5:15 pm PST is before 6pm PST. So your facility closes down much erlier than they advertise. Monumental management blunder.

I now have to order that wierd USB cable, and a week later I will have it, then maybe my aircraft will actually ocmmunicate with the transmitter some day.

Now I read that the latest firmware is useless, and DJI recommends installing the previous firmware version. Serioiusly? Don't you all test then beta test formware before putting it onto your servers?!

If I wanted this type of incompetent user experience, I would not be on a Mac, I'd be on Windows dealing with Microsoft.

I know, I know "sorry for the inconvenience"......

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The IOS 11.4 sucks... permanent disconnection issues....Im using 12 beta... its working very well ... and many people will try to scare you about using betas... I always did and never happened anything...
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DJI Wanda


Hi. Thank you for reaching DJI Forum and we sincerely apologize for the trouble caused.  I just want to inform you that we were able to check on our engineers that the latest firmware is a bug. Please kindly downgrade the firmware and use the drone first. Our engineers are currently fixing it. We will keep you updated once it's fixed. Thank you for your understanding.
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South Korea

Im thinking of investing in an I2 but with all these problems, Im not sure though. Im kinda sceptical.
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Second Officer
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"Who in the world keep aroudn a USB female to USB female around?!"

Anyone who has purchased an I2, it comes with it.
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