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Check Your Propellers Carefully
452 1 2018-8-21
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Folks on all M200 Series Aircraft, please inspect your propellers carefully and if you have any doubt in the condition of any propeller - Change It!

Pay special attention the the Grey Ones (CCW) as they appear to be wearing out rather quickly.

One client had one propeller break apart (see photo) in mid-light causing a crash and is pretty upset and trying to deal with DJI on a warranty claim and is not happy with this situation as the resulting crash did quite alot of damage to the aircraft and took out there Z30.

Another client is indicating that slop and free-play are developing in there Grey marked propellers (CCW) as well, I told them as a pre-emptive step to add addition steps in there pre-flight checklist to inspect the hubs carefully, plus all propellers should be changed out every 10 flights hours until we can figure this out.

This clients M210 RTK's are getting flown alot this year and being used for Hot-Spot Detection Fighting Forest Fires

Cheers and Good Luck!
Use props
Matthew Dobrski
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Grey-marked props for M200 series are notoriously easier to push down and engage than tight-fitting opposite props. This minor imperfection has absolutely nothing to do with either durability, performance or reliability of them. Props do not wear down with time, they either fit snuggly, loosely or tight from the very beginning of their service. DJI props do not explode mid-flight with no reason. However, examination of propellers for obvious signs of damage before each flight is a must for every responsible pilot. It's #1 on pre-flight check list. Therefore such sensational "revelation" has no value whatsoever. No reason for panic ...
Use props
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