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947 3 2018-8-23
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Alex V.


Hey Guys,

i am having trouble with the DJI Ronin APP on my iphone. The updates they were stating dont seem to have taken place at all.

Heres the text from the App-Store, as of 12 hours ago:

" - Improved UX for Create features, now you may initiate Motionlapse without the dedicated RSS or MCC Cable.
  - Visualized feature tutorial for Timelapse and Motionlapse
  - Added confirmation window for Auto Tune and System calibration.
  - Minor Bug fixes.

Sadly, no UX has improved in any way. The Software is in the same state as it was before the update. Still the following issues occur:

- Sometimes the Gimbal doesnt move to the selected point in "Track" feature.
- NO OPTION TO ADJUST ROLL PARAMETER for waypoints in "Track" or "Cam-Anchor" mode. It only tracks Pan and Tilt. Why? (<- Huge issue here, can't explain to myself why the roll axis was not implemented in this feature it harms the adds to the overall uselessness of the motion timelapse feature even more)
- Can't start the selected Path by pressing the "Rec button" (Using my Canon 5D Mark IV with an Interval Timer) - i guess that happens because it tries to start recording via the RSS / MCC Cable and doesnt get any Feedback from the camera.
- Sometimes the R2 uses the shortest way between waypoints, not the way that is highlighted in the app.
- If any of the Axis-Locks is engaged, the Gimbal tries to move anyway it and doesnt shut off the motor like in all other situations. That could possibly be very harmful to the System.
- There is no way to precisely input and control the parameters "duration" and "stay time" in the "Track" feature. For example: try insertig 2735,0s as duration for one of the waypoints... very painstaking. This needs a numeric input. There are thousands of apps using that method. Forget the Slider, just putting the numbers in is definatley the better solution here.
- Only a laggy and indirect positioning control for the waypoints in the Track feature. Try finding and adjusting a precise framing with a tele lens on your camera with that. Would have imagined that maybe the landscape mode would help to give me more resolution for the inprecise positioning interface... then i found out, that the app doesnt even support landscape mode.
- The last and most general problem i have, is the obvious lack of interest in supporting the customer. Never ever have i had a product so expensive with so little documentation... You find more helpful information in 2 Youtube Videos and in 3 Forum Posts across the web from any unrelated people than on any official document from DJI anywhere.

I would like to see those Problems adressed as fast as possible. As far as i can see there is no way for me to shoot a Motion Timelapse with a dutched camera postion A (Canon 5D), that takes for example 1h50m to end in a leveled, other camera position B or vice versa. For a 6000€ +Gimbal / Remotehead with that feature advertised this is simply inacceptable.
The Problem here isnt even a mechanical one, it is simply the (badly maintained) software, not being able to perform tasks, that the professional industry demands. And also stating to be delivering to the Film and Motion Picture Professionals and obviously not even knowing precisely how the industry works with their tools.

I know that this is just a Forum and not the Helpdesk directly, but i am trying to get Feedback from the other users as well, not only the DJI people. Maybe this is a Apple related problem? Which would still be not acceptable, but a more understandable cause for me.

Thanks in advance, regards, cheers to the Other R2 Users out there.

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United States

Agreed. Can we get a "Create" tutorial for R2 that shows us how to use Track and CamAnchor? DJI please?
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Hi Alex, i also have a problem with the app. if I use the track or anchor point function and I try to change the speed of the movement it does not work.
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Alex V.


Apparently this is just another feature of the R2 that simply doesnt work at all. And DJI doesnt even seem to bother at all. I cannot recommend DJI and i would personally never buy a DJI product again. The lack of responseability DJI takes for their products is simply disappointing.
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