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DJI Assistant Issues / Poor User Experience
211 1 2018-8-24
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United States

So I received my i2 back from a fast repair by DJI. I had not flown it in 4 months.  Great repair experience by the way.

The iPad needed its firmware updated, done. The Go 4 app needed updating, did that. No matter what I did, I could not update the firmware via the app. DJI tech support which is probably in Manila/Cebu was reasonably good. DJI should know that most call centers in the Philippines fire their skilled expereinced cal lcenter employees just before 6 months of tenure so they do no thave to pay them higher wages and benefits, which is ridiculously low to begin with. They are replaced with people who are utterly unfamiliar with the products, taking half a year to get up to speed, only to get fired, and the lunatic process statte dall over again.  It's called "contracdtualization" in the Philippines and it is immoral, and from a business standpoint, its dumb to firre your seasoned employees.

So DJI tech support in Manila/Cebu wanted me to update the firmware via the DJI Assistant.  Being a Mac user, apparently DJI does not have the DJI Assistant software on the Apple app store so Apple  blocks downloading software from non-app store sites, to wit, DJI's support website section.  This required I go into Apple's system preferences/security to force accept it. Users should not have to do that. DJI has other apps on thje App store, put Assistant  on the app store and maintian consistency. So finally the DJI Assisstant app starts to download. This appears to be two download installs, one the app and other a kernel with some weird name. So the kernel install app says the download was successful, and eventually so does the DJI Assistant. Note to DJI- If you are going to call the app "DJI Assistant" then when it downloads, you need to maintain consistency and have the iconA also named: "DJI Assistant", not just "Assistant".

After downloading everything, and being notified of such by the app that the download was successful, the i2 was still not recognized from within the Assistant app after cabling up.  I had to re-download the assistant app severla times throwing the original in the trash each time. If an app says the download was successful, I expect it to mean just that. I fly in remote areas without access to desktop and laptop computers. I should not have to nor want to be forced to update drone firmware via DJI Assisant. I should be able to do so via wifi and the Go 4 app.

DJI REALLY needs to work on this entire firmware updating process as my experience with it it is total crap.  If I wanted a spectacularly inferior app upgrading process, I would not be in the Apple ecosphere, I would get my sadomasochism via Microsoft.

There is a well founded saying in manufacturing and design: "If it requires a suer manual, there is room for improvement."

And to close off with the positive, the DJI Filipino tech support guy, after we repeatedly redownloaded the DJI Assistant software,  together we finally got my beloved i2 to work again.

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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi DALLEN, sorry to read on the unpleasant firmware upgrade experience and the inconvenience caused, your feedback will be forwarded to our engineers for attention, hope we can optimize this and your experience with us will be better, please keep us updated if there is any other issue.
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