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Minimum Ipad Processor for Good Mavic Pro/2 Monitor Experience?
255 0 2018-8-24
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United States

With all the versions of the ipad mini with different processor, I am contemplating gettign either a refurb Mavic Pro, or the new Maci Pro 2 Hasseblad.

I want to get a use Ipad mini to more fit the Mavic controller, as an iPhone X screen is too small, and my 9.7" Ipad seems too large, so timne to buy a used dedicated ipad mini.

I have seen some older ipads demonstrate severe latency with stutteering displays.

Can anyone report back what the minimum processor and minimum RAM is needed for a great monitor if buying a used iPad mini?   And will that change if I skip the Mavic Pro and its 60 bit rate and go with the Mavic Pro 2 Hasseblad and its muich higher 100 bitrate?

Use props
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