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So one thing is for sure . The DJI Reps that answer all the questions on this forum should get hazard pay or work part time at a anger managment facility !
I say this because i've noticed when i get all bent ...and i do get bent! That no matter what is said/implied or typed the dji reps are always just as nice and unscaved by what they have just read... Now if i was a rep ona forum... first off i could never be or work in fast food.. anyway there would be words flying around that the big guy has never heard before and my little grandmother would roll over in her grave and cover her ears... So my hats off to you DJI reps that have had to read my whinning and its all your fault rants.. It is your fault but we'll cross that bridge after i make sure it's your fault and not some senile old dude i know... Keep doing what your doing attitude wise . It's easy for peeps to talk pooh behind a keyboard but to take it like you sometimes do WOW ! Awesome job ! Know that i've put everyone to sleep I'll go see why i have 4 of my guys standing outside looking like there lost and take my NOT WORKING RIGHT P4 ATTITUDE out on them.. I think everyone is fired today !
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Hi Reds2tall55. Thank you so much for this great feedback. We really appreciate this positive response and rest assured we will do our best to improve more the service we are providing. Don't hesitate to reach us if you need help.
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