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Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom Accessories
972 3 2018-8-30
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Hey there!

There are lots of threads about new Mavic impressions and questions, think we can dedicate this one for accessories that are already on the market or coming soon.

1) So for instance DJI ND files for Mavic 2 Pro are not yet on stock and PolarPro are also only taking preorders. Are there other options already available on the market? Maybe DJI can advise here on a release time for the filters?

2) Same for Zoom - ND filters are already available, however here the question is - woulr the Mavic 1 ND filters fit the Mavic 2 Zoom? Anyone tried already?

3) Have you already seen any hard cases for the new Mavic? Especially interesting if there are any for 2 drones (Pro+Zoom).

Looking forward for you guys to post your questions and findings re Mavic 2 accessories here.

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Mavic Pro filters will not fit the Mavic 2 Zoom. You'll need to wait until Mavic 2 filters start shipping. Here's another brand that'll be available soon:

FStop Labs 2-Pack: ... ories/dp/B07GM9ZDPT
FStop Labs 4-Pack: ... ories/dp/B07GM7BWXL
FStop Labs 6-Pack: ... ories/dp/B07GM9RRFV

I haven't seen any cases available yet that are specifically cut on the inside to fit the Mavic 2 models. However, there are lots of cases, backpacks, and bags available now that'll fit the Mavic 2 models. You might find something you like here.
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Add PgyTech to the list (also not available yet).
They also have a hard case (not yet available) and a host of other accessories.

Everything is supposed to be available mid-September.
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Hi. Thanks for the inquiry. You may visit our online store at for Mavic 2 Pro ND Filters set and Mavic 2 case. Or you may view it directly on the link below. Should you have further question, please let me know. Thank you.

Mavic 2 Pro ND Filter

Mavic 2 Pro Case
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