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Spark RC Controller WIFI Corrupt after failed Firmware Update
367 3 2018-9-1
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Hey guys

Just bought a new spark combo, I played a couple of times, but when updating the controller went wrong!!  

Starting updating through the app, It failed and when trying  to reconnect with RC WIFI again it disappeared, it’s like it just corrupted the latest settings on how to activate WIFI.

Currently, The RC Red light blinks fast twice and waits a quick second then blinks red twice again. It will not do anything else, holding down the power button does the 3 beeps to sound the rest (but the reset never happens - Same again)

Can we update/Reset via usb somehow? Try OTG Cable to open the controller firmware and update via wire towards app?

-I have tried every single instruction online from the 9 second hold on power
- Resetting Drone
-countless button combinations on the RC controller
-Even letting the controller run out of power

Nothing! Any ideas?....  i cannot reset this RC controller to enable the WIFI again (the whole point of the combo pack)

Let me know if you encounter  the same problem and how you got over it.... Would greatly appreciate the help!
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Hi Lecuand,

Many people got their RC bricked after updating it...I'm afraid you'll have to open a case with DJI...
These update problem are a royal PITA...
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Hi, Sorry to know about that. I would like to clarify for what you've mentioned that you hold the power button for 9 seconds, is it the power button of the RC or AC? Where did you purchase the unit? Please keep us posted. Thank you.
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United States

i got mine RC replaced by the local supplier after FW update bricked the RC.
dare not update till today...
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