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Does Filmic Pro 4.6 add any value to android phone users?
613 0 2018-9-6
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Hong Kong

Just bought the new Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon 845) few days ago and has been trying to shoot something better than previous Note 8.

Yet for stable shooting on the go/ outdoor, I must rely on my OM2. (OIC of note 9 is not fantastic enough to substitute OM2 totally)

Given that OM2+DJI Go is currently doing at max 4K at 30fps, I wonder if buying Filmic pro (v 4.6) gives me anything better?

If I buy filmic pro, while using galaxy note 9, shall I be able to
* shoot UHD 60fps (3840 x 2160) WITH OM2?
* shoot time lapse/ motion lapse/ hyperlase WITH OM2 in filmic pro?
* Slo-mo shoot in filmic pro
* have any benefits where DJI Go currently cannot provide?

Last but not least, why isn't DJI Go evolving so that IOS and Android users
enjoy the same platform with the same functionalities?
Why isn't DJI doing the enhacement (I dont mind to pay extra for right enhancements)?
Use props
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