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Frustrated with Goigles RE
577 1 2018-9-7
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Flight distance : 66 ft

Got them as a bundle with Mavic 2 and already regret it. All firmwares updated, I have the following major problems:

1) Nowhere in the description of Goggles RE pre-purchase I could read that filming in 4k will be impossible with Goggles on. My phone's screen is not 4k either, but it does not prevent Mavic 2 to record video in 4k. Lazy programming in my opinion.

2) Latency is awful (compared to Oculus Rift), flying FPV with head tracking gets me dizzy despite solid VR legs.

3) Except the haircross that often disappears, no indication where the gimbal is pointing in head tracking mode.

4) Only two smart modes (Tap and Follow) are available and even they don't work (nothing hapens when I choose them). The manual is very short and vague about that.

5) Many firmware bugs, like I could not return from tracking mode to full screen, start/stop video recording, navigate any menu without turning the unit off and on again.

All in all, the goggles are not a replacement for DJI Go 4 app that sadly constantly crashes on my android phone.

I am within my return window and will probably do that.
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DJI Susan


Hi there, we're so sorry for the late response. The issues you mentioned have been forwarded to our engineers for further check and analysis. We'll come back as long as there is an update. Appreciate your feedback and patience.
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