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Gimbal goes limp on calibration and other bizarre things
292 1 2018-9-12
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My I2 and X7 just came back from repair, where the vibration absorbing board was replaced.

Issue #1: Camera connector not seated properly
After taking off my camera during the last flight, I noticed that the connector was off-center and was able to be moved back and forth. Eventually, it ended up locking in one (incorrect) position. After moments of freaking out, I discovered I could move it back while holding the release button, BUT once there, it did not click in to the place. It can easy be swiveled some more, even without the side button pressed.

Issue #2: Gimbal goes limp on the first full 360 spin of calibration
I believe this is being caused by Issue #1. When the gimbal reaches that full rotation, it knocks the connector off slightly, causing the gimbal/camera to lose power. Obviously after this happens, the bird throws up all varieties of gimbal/camera failed errors in app.

Video link: ... wF/view?usp=sharing

The workaround I've been able to come up with for this is calibrating while the bird is held back at about a 30+ degree angle. I think this lessens the impact of the full rotation knock and lets it retain power.

Issue #3: My ProRes and CineDNG licenses are gone. I bought the licenses after the drone, and thus had to manually activate it. Now that the bird is back from repair, the "$"s are back whenever I try to switch to ProRes or CDNG. Can this be resolved without sending back to DJI?

I know this is most likely going to have to be sent back to DJI but I have a pretty important shoot this weekend. Has anybody else experienced the issues above and able to resolve it themselves?

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Matthew Dobrski
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Obviously this is a malfunction and must be addressed immediately.
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