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4K60fps for S9/S9+/Note9 with Snapdragon 845 (CPU)
2377 3 2018-9-13
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Hong Kong

Dear DJI folks

It just happened I love your esteemed OM2 for some time ever since I bought the Galaxy Note 8
And yet in recent replacement of Samsung Note 8 by Note 9 (snapdragon variant),
I found S9/S9+/Note9 's new feature: 4K60fps shooting <-------despite being super wonderful on their own standings ------->
your esteemed OM2 COMPLETELY IGNORED OUR NEEDS TO USE OM2 in conjunction with these phones to shoot 4K60fps footage.(60fps in DJI4 only opened to exinos ohones)

The way I found out this tragic fact is sad. --------->
I actually bought filmic pro 4.6 (DJI 4.0) and only found afterwards in PLAY STORE that only the owners with Exinos CPU of these 3 models, are eligible for 60fps thingy with an article in filmic pro knowledge base off-shouldering everything to Samsung for 60fps adaptation . And that they did the best to get around SAMSUNG obstacles for snapdragon 845 CPU codes, BLAH BLAH BLAH.......
https://filmicpro.helpscoutdocs. ... compatibility-guide
The simplest message is : for S9/S9+/Note9 snapdragon 845 variants who want 4K60fps shooting, Filmic pro is just wastage of money.
(and their reply to me is filmic pro successfully carried out integration test for Note 9 :/ )

Would DJI be kind enough to remark clearly for prospective customers with S9/S9+/Note9 Snapdragon variant that
they have no hope using OM2 in conjunction with DJI 4 to shoot 4K 60fps?
I am a bit confused now, the filmic pro 4.6 is also named DJI 4.0, is it DJI's software or a third party software?

Many many thanks

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United States

I'm in the same boat as you. I have the S9+ and OM2. Upset to find out that 4k60 doesn't work with filmic pro.
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United States

Same Here,   does the Osmo App for the Osmo 3 record at  60fps log on the snapgragon CPU for the note 9?  thanks
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I used Note 9 Snapdragon for long time. Until now FilmicPro confirmed they just able to pull maximum 4K 30 FPS on them, but Exynos version they have a workaround to get 4K 60 FPS. I realized the reason why several softwares support better on iOs than Android because the way mobile manufacturers implemented Camera API differ from each other. I believe the same with DJI right now. That's why some of my important applications forced me to get iOS as a main device even though I love my Note 9 so much.

Android is great but I don't believe it was implemented the same on all mobile manufacturers. That's a big drawback even though Android is more customizable than iOS.
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