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Odd takeoff
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458 0 2018-9-15
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First Officer
Flight distance : 256 ft

I have not flown it for some time but now when trying to take off using the sticks on phone it starts to lift off and goes backwards.  I can see that its pitching just as i was controling it to go that way but after startup used the left (mode 2 ) and it reved and lifted up only a inch before having a pitch angle sending it backwards.

I just updated it pryor to flying as i was having issues with phone connecting not only with Tello but also spark.

First thought was imu calibrate as a while back had some issues and theat fixed so yes i did re cal only to have the same thing. It seems like i am controling it to go backwards while taking off but am not. Yes the props are correct as even knowing is part of my pre flight inspection. I do wonder if the guards are like the ones on the DJI spark and are marked and go on the propper arms just like the props?... or maybe i have some bad props as like many has had a few very minor crashes but did fly good the last few times i flew it before it got too hot to fly and then the phone issue.. btw phone is a s7 edge that worked with both with no issues and when i did have the connection issue i reinstaled both apps and maybe something did not go right with this one on reinstaling.  I also notice that the color of the video on phone is not right.

any suggestions are very much welcomed.
Use props
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