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Moire & Jello
837 0 2015-5-31
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United States

I have a P3A.  My problems have leaned more toward moire than jello but they are related issues.  A good example of moire (or aliasing) is a power line that appears to be a moving dashed line when the camera scans over it.  Roof tiles can also appear to come "alive".

I've put on a RageCams ND4 (2 stops) filter and think it helps.  2 stops isn't enough on a bright day and I plan to get another.  Rage Cams has an ND8 (3 stops) and an ND100 (3.4 stops).  Bring your wallet.
I've also experimented with -1 to -3 sharpness settings on the camera (from the camera settings icon in the upper half of the pilot app on the right side, go to Style/Custom).  That seems to help also.  Do those Custom controls affect only video or photos also?

But the biggest improvement has been in post processing on FCPX.  If I change the speed of a clip, either faster or slower, and it doesn't have to be much, it really knocks down the moire.  Not as sure about the effect on jello but I think it helps there too.  I have a theory on why this happens but it's probably wrong.  But it works, at least for me.

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