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My bag setup - cheap but works well
324 1 2018-9-28
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So many options with bags these days I went with what was the easiest and most comfortable. There's nothing like throwing a knapsack over your shoulders having your two arms and hands available to do whatever, like a small hike or something. This is the way I roll and just wanted to display it. The bird and controller are protected in their own padded bag. RE goggles, which won't see much light of day in it's own sling bag. And the batteries, wires, cables, charger and a big Anker portable charger all go into a very large Targus knapsack that weighs very little and is all padded and very comfortable to wear. I did try to put the bird in the RE goggle sling bag, it does fit but way too tight for my taste. So I'd rather use that extra space on top for the batteries, cables and small accessories if needed. I keep the props on all the time and when closed up in its bag nothing moves around. I like seeing how others pack their gear as well. I have to have a knapsack type bag so I can carry everything on my shoulders with the padded shoulder straps for comfort. If you are on a nice hike or trail you'll appreciate the softness of the large main bag.

And here is the total package, everything packed up in basically a triple padded
bag now for protection. This also carries my phone(s) and iPAD Air2 and
whatever else I need for the day. Plenty of room for more stuff also. Hours
online searching for form fitted bags that cost a fortune and if you just
go for the basics, not breaking the bank and complete comfort. No, not
waterproof, but a thick raincoat or 3-5mil plastic bag can handle that.
Camping? Throw it in the tent. If setup correctly, should be dry in there.

Fly safe! God bless America and long live the Republic.
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Nice set up, thanks for sharing!
Use props
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