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Inspire 2 automatically downgraded firmware?
315 0 2018-10-10
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Here’s one for the books-  We were filming on set last weekend with our I2 X7 in ProRes RAW.  After finishing at one location, we shut down and moved to the next location. Upon restarting the I2, I noticed all my camera settings had been nuked, and upon closer inspection, even the ProRes Raw option was missing. Because we were short on time, we finished the job in Cinema DNG.

Once we got back to our offices I started troubleshooting- but could not get ProRes Raw back.  I checked the firmware version and it was showing the latest version on everything from the I2 to the controllers, to the remote and even the batteries.

Befuddled, I exited out of the app to the app home screen and up popped the message:  “checking firmware”, followed by an announcement that there was a firmware disparity...  So I upgraded the firmware.  

Does anyone have a similar experience or know what may be going on?  

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