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Mavic air battery unresponsive?
500 2 2018-10-15
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Hi, i bought the Mavic Air around january but havent used it much, maybe 4-5 times flying it so far, i charged all 3 batteries yesterday and i was going to fly today but one of the batteries did not turn on when inserted into the mavic air, i click the battery to check its status and nothing, i insert it into the battery charging hub and the light from the hub is solid red, is anything wrong with the battery?
The other batteries works as they should and no problem, the batteries have maybe 3-6 charges each on them so far, and i usally land at 25% and leave the batteries at that when not using them for storage.

Thanks for any help!
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DJI Tony


Hi, sorry for the troubles that it caused. If the battery will not respond to the charger, it seems that the battery needs to be in service, however, I'm afraid that the battery has a 6 months warranty only. You can use the link below if you wish to contact our support.
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Flight distance : 1636286 ft

Lithium Polymer batteries should not be completely or nearly completely drained if they are to remain unused for some time. If a LiPo battery is completely discharged, there is a high risk of it being damaged. Always make sure that the batteries are between 40 and 60 percent charged if not used within a few days. The batteries we use with our DJI drones are intelligent and easy to handle. Therefore, you can simply charge them every time you have used them, and then they will discharge themselves to an appropriate level in a matter of days. Make sure not to store the batteries in a hot place like in the sun. Ordinary room temperature or lower is better - not in the freezer though.
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