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Some thoughts about problems reported
290 5 2018-10-17
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I'm new to this wonderfull flying world. Never owned a  drone before and the Mavic 2 Pro is my first experience with a flying  machine. I've owned it for almost a month now and been flying almost  daily still trying to figure out what I'm doing.

Reading  the forums and watching videos has been very helpful and educating and  tought me a lot of the Do's and Don'ts of flying a drone. I keep certain  procedures before each and every flight, doublechecking things and keep  in mind the drone's safety. Never had an issue with it.

I  keep reading people's posts about the drone behaving strange in the  air, refusing to land or take off, moving wildly, crashing, falling etc.  It's very interesting to see how most are quick to blame the drone, but  when the logs are analysed it turns out that in most cases a pilot  error has occured, or a pre-flight check hasn't been made, or a  calibration never took place etc.

My  point here is that, although there surely is a small percentage of  faulty machines that fall into warranty, I think that if people were a  little bit more careful before and during their flights, most of these  incidents would have never happened. This is a great hobby, and it's a  shame to damage it's reputation be irresponsible behaviors that could  lead to damage of property or people getting injured.

I'm  by no means an expert on the matter, but sometimes a noobie can go  through things that some experienced users don't, either out of  over-confidence on their abilities or simply because they do them and  consider them standard procedures.

So  people, please do things right and your flight experience will get much  better. Do the FW updates, do the calibrations, charge the batteries  correctly, do the pre-flight checks and most of all fly in a safe manner  for both your drone and the people around.

Sorry about the long text, but I had to get this out of my system. Happy flying, take care.
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El Diablo
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Totally agree, love my Mavic 1 and 2.
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DJI Gamora
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Hi xagoras, thank you for reaching DJI Forum and sharing your thoughts about the pre-flight checklist to avoid any mistakes of our flight experience. Should you have any concerns, do not hesitate to reach us. We're here to help you. Thank you.
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Now if DJI could run a quiz like this as a sticky then maybe a few of the beginner's questions would be answered.

It would be interesting to run an on-line test for DJI pilots in this forum. It might make an interesting sticky and teach people to read the manual for answers.

Maybe include about 10 of the most common problems that new users encounter.

Unlike the Go4 test, this would not affect our ability to fly but just be a general knowledge test with all answers to be found in the manual.

Questions that might be asked could include such things as:

Should one take off over a concrete driveway?

What actions does the DJI aircraft perform when the vision sensors encounter an obstacle?

Is it OK to leave the side cable connected when using the bottom socket on the RC to connect to a phone/tab?

Is the wind speed the same at altitude as at ground level?

Should one leave the gimbal cover in place to protect the camera when flying?

Is it OK to calibrate the compass in my home?

How do I upload my flight distance to the DJI forum?

Why does my aircraft rise on RTH or disconnect?

And so on. Maybe give points for 100% correct answers.

Just an idea
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Spot on. Absolutely share the opinion.
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